Road trippin’ in France

Day 2

The two provinces of Languedoc and Roussillon stretch from the foothills of the Pyrenees on the Spanish border to the mouth of the Rhône.

I can see why millions of holidaymakers flock here every year, in between the dry sunburned land, you find an area producing half of France’s table wine and the seasons first peaches and cherries.

But today is Sunday, family day.

Etienne and Cornelia planned the most amazing day out.

We decided to rise early and do a short run exploring Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort.

We enjoyed breakfast alfresco.

We took a short drive to Sauvé and enjoyed the Sunday buzz on the market plain and enjoyed an incredible late lunch.

Beyond such sensuous pleasures are many layers of history, with examples of early Romanesque architecture.


We spent the rest of our Sunday exploring these by kayak, the most amazing was The Port du Gard, a 2000-year-old bridge. A major fear of Roman engineering. It was a key link I the 17-km aqueduct, parts of which were underground, carrying fresh water from a spring at Uzès to Nîmes.

It was such a wonderful day.