Road trippin’ France

day 5

Mt Ventoux

Little history.

Mont Ventoux, the name means “windy mountain”. A variety of flora and fauna may be found on the lower slopes but only moss survives at the peak, where temperatures can drop to -27’C. The bare white scree at the summit makes it look snow capped even during summer.

We parked the car in Malaucène, cycled a short, yet hilly 12kms to Bedoín.

Cycling up Mont Ventoux was pretty awesome, names of Tour favourites painted on the road.

The hill is a 21km climb, with inclines varying from 7-11%, and no flats for you to catch your breath.

The first 15kms is pretty tough and by far the most difficult part if the climb. The last six, well they are tough because you are tired from battling with the first 15.

At the top I had a crepe, no pardon me, I had 2 and a coffee. We cycled down to Malauciène, packed the bikes, changed into running gear and went to explore the Gorge Vaucluse. We did a hike/run and took an ice bath in the stream.

Iconic – see the photos and Carel’s vlog to experience the epicness.