Austrian summer

Yesterday we arrived in Salzburg @10:00 and Arthur whom we met on the TransAlpine Run in 2013 picked us up at the airport. We have promised him we will visit when we said our farewells  at the end of the race and finally we packed our bags and arranged to stay with him and his mother in the mountains just outside Zell am See.


Most travel days involve getting up really early and dragging all out kit to Gatwick or Heathrow.

We had a wonderful lunch with his family and it became very apparent that my German is terrible and that I will get further with sign language.

We ended the day with swimming in the Zell am See.

Today was a wonderful Sunday, getting up early, having a wonderful breakfast and going for a hike.



ZAM-hike-1-8ZAM-hike-1-9 ZAM-hike-1-11 ZAM-hike-1-12 ZAM-hike-1-13 ZAM-hike-1-15


Being up high is amazing and I honestly feel privileged and grateful for this opportunity.

Good night all.