Preview of 31 August – 7 September

Preview of 31 August – 7 September

August 17 1 By alechia

As say……

This is getting real…..

Eight stages, countless summits and peaks and an amazing itinerary off the beaten paths on rocky tracks constitute one of the last true sporting challenge.

The GORE-TEX ® TRANSALPINE-RUN, since its premiere in 2005 is one of the greatest challenges for mountain and trail runners and it has the reputation of a very DNF rate, it is a highly professional and emotional event for all participants (So I have read). The route leads up to 3000 meters high mountain passes and through beautiful valleys across the main Alpine ridge.  See the link:

Stage 1: Obersdorf – Lech am Arlberg 

Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
34,60 km
2083 Hm
1469 Hm

The first stage according to the race organisers will be the perfect “warm-up“ course for all. Starting in Oberstdorf it will overpass the 2214 meter high Fiderescharte and also the 1688 Meter high Schrofenpass which will lead the runners towards Warth, located in the Lechtal.

The finish line in Lech will crossed after 35 Kilometers and 2083 meters of horizontal elevation.


Stage 2: Lech am Arlberg – St. Anton am Ahlberg

Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
24,70 km
1899 Hm
2040 Hm

We will be leaving the ski resort in Lech, located in the middle of the Lechtaler Alps, on extremely steep and windy trails towards the 2339 meter high Rüfikopf right above Lech.

The second Stage continues over the Rauhekopfscharte(2415 m) and the Erlijoch (2430 m) into the heart of the Lechtaler Alps.

Beautiful paths will lead the runners into the Almajurtal and up to the 1922 meter high Erlachalpe. The second long ascent will direct all participants onto the 2543 meter high Valvagehrjoch just underneath the famous Valluga. The last downhill shoots steeply into St. Anton.

Day 2


Stage 3:  St. Anton (A) – Samnaun (CH 

Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
38,40 km
2975 Hm
2431 Hm

The third stage of the GORE-TEX® Transalpine-Run 2013 will be one of the hardest, to ever be started. Almost 3000 meters of ascent distributed over 38,4 kilometers of horizontal distance will require everybody’s maximum strength. Two very long ascents with over 1500 and 1400 meters of elevation will be necessary to overcome the Doppelseescharte (2786 m) in the Verwallgruppe and the Viderjoch (2737 m) further south in the Silvrettagruppe. The difficult downhills in between the ascents won’t make things easier on the participants. On a day like this, crossing the finish line is simply the biggest success.

Day 3



Stage 4: Samnaun (CH) – Scuol (CH) 

Start time:
Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
37,10 km
2015 Hm
2698 Hm

Exactly 2015 meters ascending, nearly 2700 meters descending, paired with a 37.1 kilometers long course make up the 4th stage. Starting in „Duty-free“ Samnaun, the remaining contenders will cross the vast Silvretta Mountains to the beautifly located town of Scoul in Switzerland. After a long ascent right from the start onto the Zeblasjoch (2539 m) and another climb to the Fuorcla Val Gronda the participants are finally crossing the Swiss border. Stunning trails will lead the runners through the Val Laver, over the Fuorcla Champatsch (2730 m) into Scoul.

Day 4



Stage 5: Scuol (CH) – uphil sprint REST DAY

The Uphill-Sprint starts in the scenic downtown of Scoul and climbs straight up, onto the 2130 meter high Motta Naluns, located in the middle of the local skiing area. For most participants, the 6.3 kilometers of horizontal and 947 meters of vertical distance will be the disired day off. Heads up and no rest for all climbing specialists though, who will most definitely set the pace on this 5th stage.

Day 5



Stage 6: Scuol (CH) – St. Valentin am Reschenpass (I)

Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
37,80 km
1633 Hm
1369 Hm

The final stage of the GORE-TEX® Transalpine-Run 2013 from Scoul to St. Valentina an der Heide will be crossing the border to Italy and South-Tyrol on the 2261 meter high Schlinigpass. After spending several days in the main crest of the Alps, the participants will now reach the Southern Alps. A total of 1633 meters of vertical distance does not sound impressive, but surely will have an impact on every runner. The spectacular trail trough the Uina Gorge and the gorgeous paths in the Sesvennagruppe will definitely make up for all exertion.

Day 6




Stage 7: St. Valentin am Reschenpass (I) – Sulden (I)

Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
42,60 km
2381 Hm
1934 Hm

On the second to last stage of the GORE-TEX® Transalpine-Run 2013, the stage with the greatest horizontal distance, the runners will once again have to give everything they’ve got.

After a fast paced start down to Glurns in the Vinschgau Valley the participants will have to ascent the Lichtenbergscharte at 1833 meters, just to scatter the height in a steep downhill towards Stilfs.

After the Suldenbach bridge the field will reach the 6th independent mountain range within the Alps, thje Ortlergruppe. A hard and long climb onto the 2007 meter high Velnairalm will highlight this days stage before the runners make their way along a cliffy western face into Sulden.

Day 7



Stage 8: Sulden (I) – Latsch (I)

Meters ascent:
Meters descent:
39,80 km
1897 Hm
3106 Hm

The final stage  of the 2013 GORE-TEX® Transalpine-Run from Sulden am Ortler to Latsch im Vinschgau has another 39.8 kilometres of horizontal and 1897 meters of vertical distance in store.

Save the best for last will be motto on this eventful day as the runners will cross the 3120 meter high Madritschjoch, which states the highest point any Transalpine-Run has ever crossed.

Alltogether 3107 meter of descending distance is also a new record.

Spectacular trails from the Ortler (3905 m) through the Martelltal will bring the participants finally into the scenic town of Latsch, where everybody will call it quits after 15879 ascending meters and 261.3 horizontal kilometres.


Day 8

261,30 km Horizontal distance
15879 vertical meters ascent
15058 vertical meters descent