Anything worth doing….

Anything worth doing….

July 25 0 By alechia

“Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing” – Mick Jagger

21 days to go…….

At the beginning of this training block, I was told by the coach: “now don’t you go and look at the last week, you will just be fixated on that and not prepare properly for it.”

I am a worrier by nature, and can easily get fixated on the little things, I blame the analytical geek that lives inside my head for that. I’m also warrior and therefore I have an unpredictable job and continue to enter myself into events with uncontrollable variables.

Lets just say, I’m also the type, if you tell me not to do something, I just might do it, and I had a look through the program and I was worried about the very last 2 weeks in this training block.

What are you on about, I hear you say…

Below are the 7days of consecutive long runs, this all following a weekend of 3hour and 5 and a half hour trail running sessions.


The 7 days past started with a bang and I ran a solid 22kms on a treadmill at 19:00 after a rather stressful day at work, but as the week progressed it was all about staying awake at work, trying not get to grumpy with others and eating properly.

The latter, was the one I struggled with the most and it generally gets worse when I’m tired.

I luckily could solve the problem, and I used Futurelife, a South African cereal, meal replacement, brought over by my mum on their recent visit in June. One of the few meal replacement products free from, wheat, gluten and lactose.

The Skratchlab FEEDZONE recipe book also got me through the long runs.

My favourite rice cake thus far has to be the cashew and dark chocolate.
On our last day at the altitude centre the air conditioning was not working, making conditions in the chamber really though, with only 13-14% oxygen in the chamber.


We got through the 7days injury free and no signs of illness. Just extremely tired.
It is great to be able to push yourself just that little bit further than you could ever imagine.
Onwards and upwards.